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Price: $25/person
Length: 1hr
Players: 4-8
Suitable For: 14 and up.  Under 14 only allowed with parental consent and game presence.

BLACKOUT:The Experiment

Welcome, and thank you for your participation in our experiment. We are very interested to discover what will happen to you once the experiment begins.

We do hope that you have all taken the opportunity to prepare your bodies and minds for the experiment, and while you won’t be in the dark for long, you will need your senses sharp to complete the process.

*Please note that a portion of this game does take place in darkness.  That said, like all of Solve’s games, there is plenty for you to find, unlock and solve while you’re in there…you just won’t have the benefit of sight.  And, like all good rooms, there are many levels to this experience.



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