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Price: $25/person, $12.50 for 14 & under
Length: 1hr
Players: 4-6
Suitable For: All Ages

The curtain is about to rise on a mind-bending new mystery.

Last night, a masked magician stepped onstage to perform a mesmerizing new act.

No one could see his face. No one knew his name. And, when the smoke cleared, he was gone. In 60 short minutes the curtain rises on his sold-out encore performance. He must be found. The show must go on.

Gather your friends and step behind the curtain of the Zenith Theater at the height of Vaudeville. Use your wits to uncover the clues the magician has left behind. Steel your nerves, step into the darkness and follow in his footsteps. It won’t take you long to discover that things are not as simple as they appear. That finding this masked magician will take everything you have.

… And that magic just might be real.